Product Designer vs. Graphic Designer's Approach to Bike Safety Device

London-based product designer Sean Whiffin has designed the L-Bow, a bendable taillight for bikes meant to increase their visibility to drivers:

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I like the concept, but after seeing it in action in the video…

…I don’t feel that it does enough. I think it’s a bit too slim, and worry the light emitted is too paltry for all drivers to spot.

A similar concept that looks more effective to me, is this pool noodle trick presented by graphic designer, cyclist and writer Annalisa van den Bergh on Quartz:

“The neon-colored $2 bike safety trick.” —Annalisa van den Bergh

I still appreciate Whiffen’s efforts, and he has had the $41 L-Bow successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter. At press time there was 25 days left to pledge. But I think van den Bergh’s idea has the potential for greater uptake.

Source: core77

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