Professional Baby Namer Charges up to $10,000 for a Baby Name

Getting ready for the arrival of a baby is a big job. Although my wife insists that childbearing fell heavier on her than me, I can tell you that preparing for fatherhood is no small task. There’s a lot do, what with setting up a nursery and buying appropriate gear and such.

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Why not outsource some of those tasks? Or at least one of the more difficult and time consuming ones: coming up with a name for the baby. Do yourself a favor and hire Taylor A. Humphrey, a professional in the field of baby naming.

You might think that choosing a baby name is an easy task. But you thought that installing a new septic tank was easy and look how that turned out. Leave the big jobs up to the professionals.

The New York Post describes Humphrey’s business. There’s high demand for quality baby names and this consultant has a stash of the best. In 2020, 100 customers paid enough to give her an income of $150,000. She interviews her customers, digging into their family and personal histories to select a personalized baby name that reflects their lives and family traditions.

I see a lot of potential for this field. I should talk to Neatorama owner Alex about selling quality and high priced baby names at the NeatoShop.

-via David Burge | Photo: Jonny Hunter

Source: neatorama

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