Professor Hides $50 Prize in Syllabus, But No Student Finds It

Assuming that this photo is real, then Dr. Kenyon Wilson, professor of music at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, would like for his students to carefully read his course syllabus. He left a fifty dollar bill inside a locker and included the combination in the document. No student took the money.

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I will withhold judgment on Wilson’s students’ attentiveness until I see the syllabus itself. In the past few years, I’ve sat in on discussions by rhetoric professors about the literary genre of the syllabus and the ways in which they can be written to discourage students from actually reading them. Maybe his is as short at W.H. Auden’s famous one-page syllabus from 1941. Maybe it’s a twenty-page document written by lawyers that reads like (and essentially is) a terms of service agreement. Maybe Wilson would be out of money if he had left a Franklin instead of a Grant in the locker.

-via Josh Hadro

Source: neatorama

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