Projects We Love From the Core77 Design Awards

Each year our jury teams have the difficult task of narrowing down the pool of entrants in the Core77 Design Awards to a small set of winners, runners up and notable entries, producing a collection of more than two hundred outstanding projects across 18 categories. The range of entries is truly astounding, from elegant printed pieces to complex systems, conceptual entries, interactive installations and more.

Below are a few recent honorees that showcase some of the diversity seen in the entry pool. The details are highly considered, and they prove that great design comes not only from top firms or well known brands but is the result of observation, research, ideation and above all great execution.

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800th Anniversary Magna Carta Deck Series
To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, Seasons Playing Cards designed a limited edition collector’s card set to both educate and inspire. Over the past few years growing reverence to “mint condition” packaging in the collector’s market and the resulting aversion to opening them has inverted the market dynamic between packaging and product with a strongly redefined function of ‘PLAY’ to ‘DISPLAY’. This transition in customer behavior has blended the line of packaging into product, moving attention from inside to outside. Using this knowledge, the designer delivered a packaging solution that is as enjoyable and interactive as the product itself.

Alpine Shelter Skuta
Designed for an alpine site on Skuta Mountain in Slovenia, this cabin offers an intimate refuge for eight visitors nestled in the scenic Alps. The roof line references a series of mountain peaks, shedding snow and framing distant scenes. Honoring the client’s commitment to sustainability, the design minimizes environmental impacts: visually, gray, glass reinforced concrete cladding blends into the mountain’s stone, while natural ventilation, robust insulation for cold nights, and no electricity preserve the shelter’s natural setting.

When inventor Tom Burden was a F16 mechanic in the Air National Guard he was often frustrated by tools sliding off the aircraft. What Burden wanted was a simple way to secure his tools while protecting the multi-million-dollar aircraft that he was assigned to service. Unable to find an adequate product he utilized the skills gained as a mechanical engineering student and started prototyping a non-slip rubberized tool tray. After three years of prototyping and perfecting, he created the Grypmat, and in season nine of ABC’s Shark Tank, Burden received offers from all five Sharks and ultimately negotiated a deal with Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner.

miku – a breast pump system to empower the working mom
Inspired by every working mom on the globe, miku is a pump system that improves mother’s physical and emotional well being throughout the course of breastfeeding. The miku breast milk pump improves on existing product offerings in a number of ways, and the care exerted in the research process produced a clean, compact solution that not only lessens the difficulty of pumping at work, but also creates a trackable enjoyable experience with the companion app.

Source: core77

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