Proof That Not All War Footage is Real

We have been warned over and over not to believe everything we see, especially when news is dominated by footage from social media, which is the case in the war in Ukraine. There are plenty of iPhone videos of the devastation in Ukraine making their way to network newscasts. See if you can spot the clue that this video shown on an Israeli TV news broadcast might not be real. Yes, that’s a TIE fighter, wrecked on the side of the road. If you look closely, you’ll see a couple of stormtroopers standing by. The TV station has owned up to the error. Here’s a machine translation.

The dis-information surrounding the war also produces embarrassing moments and near-comic errors: Sink from the movie “Star Wars” entered News 13 news from Ukraine. The video was broadcast in the main edition and in the channel’s current affairs programs.

The footage was from a 2014 viral video, made to look like those ubiquitous Russian dash cam videos that show something strange happening along the side of the road. This example appears to be deliberate trolling, but we don’t know if it was just for fun, or meant to be a warning about disinformation campaigns. The lesson is, don’t pass along something unless you’ve checked it out thoroughly, and that goes double if you’re a news broadcaster. -via Fark

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Source: neatorama

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