Prosthetic Legs for a Snake

Snake lover and mad engineer Allen Pan has a ridiculous idea: a mechanical way to give snakes legs. He has to figure out how snakes should walk if they were to do so, how to build a prosthetic, and most importantly, to find a snake that will try it. Or more to the point, find a snake owner who will let Pan anywhere near their snakes. But he manages to do all that, and ended up taking a snake for a walk on a leash. It’s a silly idea, but somehow he makes it work. The sight of a snake with prosthetic lizard legs is amazing. This video contain NSFW language, and a one-minute skippable ad at about 2:40. -via reddit

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Of course, the comments are all about the misuse of the word “there” in the video title, which just proves that an error can be really useful in promoting one’s work.

Source: neatorama

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