Provocatively Titled Scholarly Articles Get Read

I would guess that my only scholarly journal article has been read by a total of perhaps 10 people, including myself, the reviewers, and members of my family. It’s hard to get people to read scholarly articles, even in the natural sciences in which scholarship, unlike literary criticism, may actually result in something useful to people.

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Success may come from a spicy title and Joseph Cesario, David J. Johnson, and Heather L. Eisthen chose wisely. A screenshot of their 2020 article in Current Directions in Psychological Science has gone viral and resulted in people at least locating if not reading the article.

If I understand their article correctly after barely glancing at it, the authors address the concept of the lizard brain–that older brain structures can be found in the interior of the human brain and that more advanced mammalian structures can be found inside. They assert that this popular belief is a myth.

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Source: neatorama

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