Psst! Wanna Live in an Atlas Missile Silo?

πŸš€ If you need a lair fit for a supervillain, then check this out: a decommissioned Atlas F missile silo complex is for sale in Abilene, Kansas, and you can buy it cheap! Missiles not included, sadly.

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🎨 This is fantastic: The endless art of Pablo AndrΓ©s Pozo where you get to zoom out and out and out. It’s as if the artwork never ends.

🎹 Live Midi Art: Man draws the Dragon Quest logo using a piano keyboard. Color us impressed (and the music sounds pretty good, too).

πŸ¦“ ❀️ 🦏 Aww: Young zebra and one-day-old baby rhino are BFF.

πŸ’° Artist Shay Rose turned 2,652 pennies into a chainmail dress. Money ($26.52) well spent!

🩺 LEGO is making a model of MRI Scanner to help reduce kids anxiety before radiology procedure.

🌡 Musician Tone Trumpet leads the one and only Cactus Choir. Get ready to giggle uncontrollably.

🏠 Did you ever find anything cool during your home renovation? This couple discovered a 115-year-old hidden mural!

🌩️ Nature is metal: 477-mile long lightning bolt crossed 3 states to set a new world record. The “megaflash” spanned across Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Image: Zillow, Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, @cactuschoir/Instagram

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Featured art: Good is Dumb by indie artist DAObiwan.

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