Puppy or bagel, and 9 other cases of mistaken identity

Don’t be surprised if you do a double take — these image collections are purposefully arranged to fool your eye. After looking at the below images, you can decide for yourself: Puppy or bagel? Chihuahua or muffin? Duckling or plantain? Labradoodle or fried chicken? Sheepdog or mop? Parrot or guacamole?

Portland, OR based copywriter Karen Zack has prompted quite an internet trend with her @teenybiscuit twitter postings. She has been called a “one woman meme machine” because of her viral content which has prompted others to create their own albums of visually similar quandaries.

puppy-or-bagel-by-karen-zacksheepdog-or-mop-by-karen-zackshiba-or-marshmallow-by-karen-zackshrew-or-kiwi-by-karen-zackCdjJWcpUUAAn4Bc.jpg largeCeW4xluUMAAiDWm.jpg largechihuahua-or-muffin-by-karen-zackduckling-or-plantain-2-by-karen-zacklabradoodle-or-fried-chicken-by-karen-zackparrot-or-guacamole-by-karen-zack

Source: designfaves.com

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