Putin Invaded Ukraine But United The Whole World, Here Are 46 Of The Most Important Things That Have Been Done So Far

On 24th February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. In response to this unprovoked and unjustified war, countries across the world are condemning the attack and ​​rushing to aid Ukraine and its people. The Western world and its allies have stepped up to assist this brave nation by providing military equipment and humanitarian assistance.

“Here in Ukraine, we will be repeating this over and over again: Russia’s war isn’t only about our country. This is about all of us. Because of Russian hybrid warfare, everyone who values freedom, democracy, and justice is a potential target,” Nataliia Steblyna wrote in the Kyiv Independent, saying that we all should stand together and that even the smallest steps may be significant.

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Inspired and touched by defenders fighting on the streets and outskirts of attacked cities, people are uniting like never before. From protests to cyberattacks to canceled sports and cultural events, thousands continue to help the Ukrainian government and civilians in any way they can.

#1 Switzerland Abandons Centuries Of Being Neutral And Is Now Backing Ukraine

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#2 Taiwan Shows Massive Balls By Sending Ukraine 27 Tons Of Medical Supplies

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#3 Multiple Russian News Sites Are Being Hacked By Anonymous

Image credits: Anonymous TV

#4 Famous People Use Their Influence To Spread Their Support And Awareness

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#5 Celebrities Give Financial Support

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#6 Ukraine’s Official Twitter Account Thanks Elon Musk For Satellite Internet Amid Russian Invasion

As Promised By Elon Musk, Starlink Terminals Have Arrived In Ukraine. High-Speed Internet Now Available, Without The Potential Of Russia Taking Down Communications

Image credits: elonmusk

#7 EU Relaxes Entry Paperwork For Pets Travelling With Ukrainian Refugees

Image credits: euractiv

#8 Anonymous Launches Attack On Belarus Government Sites After Continued Russia Support

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#9 Google Maps Disables Live Traffic Data In Ukraine That Reveals How Busy Places Are A Day After Government Orders Road Signs To Be Removed To Confuse Russian Forces

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#10 Elon Musk’s Jet Announces That He Is Now Tracking The Jumbo Jets Owned By Russia’s Billionaire Oligarchs

Image credits: OccupyDemocrats

#11 A “Historic Decision” .. Finland Departs From Its Neutrality And Decides To Supply Ukraine With Weapons

Image credits: abdulkxrim

#12 U.S. And EU Agree To Cut Russian Banks Out Of Vital Swift Financial System

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#13 Medics From Israel Left To Help The Armed Forces Of Ukraine And Civilians. It Reads: “Doctors Of Israel On A Journey To Ukraine. Glory To Ukraine!”

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#14 A Map Of Homes Open For Ukrainian Refugees…

Image credits: visegrad24

#15 “This Is How Poland Is Welcoming Refugees From Ukraine At Train Stations And They Spent Whole Night There Too – With Food, Water, Clothes, Cars, Accommodations, Medical And Psychological Help. It’s Not Government Funded- These Are People Spending Own Money And Time.”

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#16 EU Announces It Has Agreed Unanimously Amongst All Member Countries To Take In Ukrainian Refugees Fir Up To 3 Years Without Asking Them To First Apply For Asylum

Image credits: BBCkatyaadler

#17 Stockholm Sweden Sending Medical & Hospital Equipmemt To Ukraine!

Image credits: ozkarbozkar

#18 Eu Closed Its Airspace To Russian Planes

Image credits: juliaioffe

#19 Ukraine Gets $22 Million In Crypto Donations To Fight Invasion

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#20 Facebook And TikTok Ban Russian State Media In Europe

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#21 Russia Banned From Eurovision Song Contest 2022

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#22 Cities Around The World Are Showing Solidarity

Image credits: bellezze.di.roma

#23 Germany Speeds Up Renewable Energy Push Due To Ukraine Invasion To Underscore The Need For Europe To Reduce Reliance On Russian Gas

Image credits: euronews

#24 European Nations Throw Open Borders To Ukrainian Refugees

Image credits: aljazeera

#25 US Announces $350 Million In New Military Aid To Ukraine Amid War

Image credits: ndtv

#26 Japan Will Suspend Issuing Visas And Freeze Assets For Officials From Donetsk And Luhansk, Ban Trade With The Two Areas And Prohibit The Issuance And Trading Of Russian Sovereign Bonds

Image credits: nippon

#27 Netflix Will Not Add State-Run Channels To Russian Service, Defying Regulation

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#28 EU’s Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell Said The EU Had Agreed To Provide Arms To The Ukrainian Army

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#29 Businesses Boycott Russian Products In Solidarity With Ukraine

Image credits: GovChrisSununu

#30 Sporting World Punishes Russian Aggression By Banning The Country From The Olympics, The World Cup, And Canceling Sporting Events Involving Russian Teams And Athletes

Image credits: HuffPost

#31 “Azerbaidjan Based Fuel Company, Socar, Is Offering Free Gas For Ukrainian Ambulances And Ses”

Image credits: TheTigerBeast

#32 In The Russian-Ukraine War, Many Countries Including Neutral Non-Aligned Sweden Have Started To Send Military Aid

Image credits: aljazeera

#33 Denmark Becomes The First European Country To Let Volunteers Join Foreign Brigade In Ukraine

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#34 Companies Across The World Are Donating To Support Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

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#35 Mass Protests Worldwide Against Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

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#36 From Our @wckitchen Team On The Border Of Ukraine And Poland: 1,700 Hot Meals Of Chicken, Rice & Veggies Served Here Tonight!

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#37 Departing From Protocol, Pope Goes To Russian Embassy Over Ukraine

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#38 The International Judo Federation Cited “The Ongoing War Conflict In Ukraine” For Suspending Putin’s Honorary President Status

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#39 Lithuania Bans Russian, Belarusian TV Channels Over War Incitement

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#40 Countries Who Closed Their Airspace To Russia Now Worldwide

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#41 Thousands Volunteers From Around The World To Join Ukraine’s International Legion Army To Join Fight Against Russia Su Tokia Nors Foto Kariškių

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#42 Multinational Corporations Divert And Stop Their Investments In Russia

Image credits: Ukraine

#43 World-Support-Ukraine

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#44 Twitter Will Label Tweets Linking To Russian State-Backed Media Like RT And Sputnik

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#45 Russian Planes Over Europe Fly Like This

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#46 World Judo Body Suspends Vladimir Putin As Honorary President

Image credits: cbc

#47 Sag Awards Attendees Stand With Ukraine

Image credits: edition.cnn

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