Queen Elizabeth Renting Out Properties on Airbnb

There are a lot of older people in fixed incomes who have listed spare rooms or spare buildings on Airbnb to raise a little extra money. Joining them is 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The queen has quite a few pieces of property that aren’t part of the official royal palaces. Her private Sandringham estate is where the royal family spends their Christmas holiday, but is otherwise only occupied by caretakers. Beginning in February, you can rent out one house on the property for £354 a night, with a three-night minimum. No you won’t be staying at the main house pictured above, but in the former home of the queen’s head gardener. Her Balmoral estate in Scotland will also be listed on Airbnb, with individual cottages rates ranging between £555 and £1,620 for a week’s stay. No rentals will be taken when the queen is in residence, but you can always say you vacationed on royal property -if you can get a booking. See inside the accommodations at The Daily Mail. -via Fark

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(Image credit: Christine Matthews)

Source: neatorama

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