Quick–What's the First Color in Google's Logo? Measuring How Well Americans Can Accurately Recall Famous Logos

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Last year we asked “How accurately can people draw famous logos from memory?” The results were dismal, with about 6% to 20% being able to accurately sketch the logos for Adidas, Apple, Burger King, Dominos, Foot Locker, Target and others.

Now let’s lower the bar. Forget drawing them–can you simply recognize them, picking the correct logo out of a lineup? You probably know the Target logo is red, but how many circles are in the bullseye? What’s the color of the first letter in Google’s logo? Which side of the Apple is the bite on?

To measure consumer accuracy, marketing agency Siege Media tested 6,000 Americans of differing demographics, showing them real logos alongside altered ones. Here are the results:

I’m guessing there was a vocational gap, as I want to think designers/artists would have had a higher accuracy rate. While that’s speculation on my part, the study did show there was definitely a gender gap, with females more likely to choose the accurate logo:

Unsurprisingly, there was an age gap:

And sadly for Costco, their target market apparently has the most trouble getting it right:

I’m not sure if the marketing agency who conducted this study is reading this, but I think they would’ve gotten a lot more traction if they’d released these as an online quiz, rather than just releasing the results.

Source: core77

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