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Ah, there is something so comforting about these everyday subjects… I want to sit at that kitchen table and eat donuts all afternoon. This is the work of American painter Rachel Campbell and, if you happen to be in Seattle right now, you can see most of paintings in her latest show! What Are You Looking For, opens this Thursday, Nov 7 {5-8pm} at Zinc Contemporary. Here are Rachel’s words on why she does what she does:

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I think of my work as similar to that of a poet who writes about the everyday, but instead of words, I express myself in paint. I engage in narratives. I’m reflecting on stories I have been told or experiences I have had. Humor is often prevalent in the work—often with a sense of playfulness around things that are common and ordinary. In my most recent work I am commenting on the importance of joy and celebration in life and how this is critical to our well-being. My paintings are landscapes, so whether they are traditional landscape or they depict food, or portraits of objects, these are all a form of landscape to me. I paint about the relationships between elements and our relationship to those narrative elements.” – Rachel Campbell

The show runs until December 14th, 2019.

Source: thejealouscurator

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