Rail: A Modular, Trestle-Based Extendable Table System

Rail is a clever design for a modular table system. It’s based on trestle legs that can slide along the length of the table’s underside, thanks to rails and grooves.

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This means that you can slide a pair of legs out to the edge of the tabletop, and connect either a short extension or an entire other table. A cam lever secures the connection.

Both rectilinear and trapezoidal shapes are offered for the tabletops, which are available in Oak or American Walnut.

The podium-like desk in these photos might be confusing…

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

…but it’s a separate add-on that can be placed atop the trestle, between two tabletops. The assembly video below makes it a bit more clear than the photos do:

Rail was designed by Studio Kaschkasch and is in production by furniture manufacturer Zeitraum.

Source: core77

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