Rainbow Pigeon

Redditor chesterpoops posted a picture of a pigeon that his girlfriend spotted in London. What could have caused it to display such beautiful pastel colors? Commenters speculated that it had been caught up in a color run. There was one in London on June 11, and others around the UK since then. Other people thought it might be an escaped Spanish racing pigeon, which are painted bright colors. And we learned about some naturally-colored pigeons.

This is the Pink-necked Green Pigeon, photographed by Flickr user Linda vant Hoff.

Above is a Nicobar pigeon at the Chester zoo, photographed by Flickr user Steve Wilson.

And the Victoria Crowned pigeon. This one, photographed by Jörg Hempel, is at the Gondwanaland Zoo in Leipzig, Germany. If common urban pigeons looked like these, we wouldn’t mind them so much.  

Source: neatorama

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