Rain's Weekly Design Minutiae: Making Card Catalogs Into Better Organizers

My life is a constant battle with clutter. On a daily basis I try and fail to organize the plethora of objects required for working and living. I spend way more time searching for things than finding things.

The card catalogs I’ve acquired over the years have helped tremendously. Confining objects of specific categories inside each labeled drawer means less time spent searching, and I love being able to pull the drawers out to tote them over to where they’re needed. 

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However, the thing about card catalog drawers is that they’re lousy at organizing anything besides cards. 

Absent integrated subdividers, I find myself compulsively collecting little boxes and containers I come across that I can use to keep things separate inside the drawers. This creates more clutter as now I have a box of boxes I’m hanging onto.

And those little boxes are never quite the right size. I tend to go through a lot of batteries for the studio and other stuff, and look at the disaster that drawer has become:

So now I say, no more. Since I have access to a desktop CNC mill I have no excuse. So I spent ten minutes with a pair of digital calipers to get the average diameters of different battery sizes, then spent another 20 minutes creating a pattern in CAD. Then I grabbed a scrap of plywood and put the machine to work:

Itch scratched.

And now everything’s better. For this one drawer, at least. I’ll have to tackle the other 29 when I find time.

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