Rainwater Harvesting Clothes?

Dutch designer MIRL “celebrates what surrounds us and reflects this in playful design concepts,” reads her bio. “Driven by interaction, she rethinks the relation we have with our daily living environment and translates these ideas into products.”

Her +2Degrees series is an inventive and amusing commentary on global warming:

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“We call rainy days bad weather, however, when rainy days occur more often we may have to change that opinion. When the earth warms up by 2 degrees, The Netherlands will face many more moments with heavy persistent rainfall. So why not change the perspective of bad weather for the next generation by celebrating rainy days?”

“These 3 unique raincoats come alive by making inventive use of the rainwater. While collecting, containing and pouring water, the raincoat becomes a wearable playground. One has a fun funnel in the sleeve, another collects water in tubes sewn into the hem, and a third unfolds to form a big receptacle for a carry-on puddle.”

The video gives you a better look at the water-capturing components:


Check out more of MIRL’s experimental projects here.

Source: core77

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