“Random Guy Swears At Me And Gets His Car Destroyed”

Our interactions on the road are supposed to be based on traffic laws, mutual respect, and patience. However, when Reddit user RonnietheZombie went for a walk, they encountered a driver who didn’t care about any of these things.

As they explained on r/EntitledPeople, the incident took place in a quiet suburb. Apparently, the guy behind the wheel was so unhappy with the pedestrian walking in front of his car that he felt the need to chase them down and yell out a bunch of obscenities.

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However, that made him fail to notice a ditch, and let’s just say that karma took care of the rest.

Road rage is a dangerous behavior that can lead to severe consequences

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Or, as was the case this time, expensive ones

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Things could’ve ended way worse

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Road rage is, sadly, pretty common in many areas around the world. Even in Canada, which is considered one of the most polite and peaceful countries, these behaviors are still widespread.

A recent survey revealed that 56% of Canadian drivers have been directly involved in road rage in the past year, and 83% have observed at least one display of it.

Here’s the breakdown of its most prevalent forms, according to the respondents of the survey:

  • Honking: Engaged (38%) vs. Observed (57%);
  • Flashing lights: Engaged (20%) vs. Observed (48%);
  • Tailgating: Engaged (16%) vs. Observed (61%);
  • Brake-checking or tapping brakes: Engaged (16%) vs. Observed (41%);
  • Obscene gesturing (for example, giving the finger): Engaged (16%) vs. Observed (45%);
  • Cutting off another driver: Engaged (15%) vs. Observed (63%);
  • Rolling down the window to yell at someone: Engaged (8%) vs. Observed (35%);
  • Stopping and exiting the vehicle to confront another person: Engaged (3%) vs. Observed (20%).

Sometimes, these conflicts can lead to grim outcomes even when a vehicle accident is avoided. In the US, for example, the number of people shot in road rage incidents surged more than 400 percent between 2014 and 2023, from 92 to 481. In total, angry drivers shot 3,095 people over that decade, or nearly one every day. (One in four of those people — 777 — were killed.)

No wonder 89% of American drivers believe that aggressive driving is very or extremely dangerous.

Hopefully, the guy who drove in the ditch will learn his lesson.

As they reacted to the story, people were glad that the angry driver got what was coming to him

Some even shared their own similar experiences

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