Ray's Repair And Restoration – He Doesn't Make Low Riders, He Makes Glow Riders!

Ray’s Repairs and Restoration by adho1982

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Those guys in the jumpsuits who keep saving the city from spectral annihilation wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without Ray’s amazing mechanical engineering skills, which gave them the Ecto-1 and their proton packs. But the team has a hard time showing appreciation for all of Ray’s accomplishments, so sometimes he sets Peter’s proton pack to a lower power setting just to make him sweat a bit more while they’re busting. And when Egon insists on driving Ray tweaks the Ecto’s brakes and steering a bit so he has a hard time staying on the road, just to teach him a lesson his books never could. So if you see Ray Stantz out in the field dealing with an ectoplasmic presence show him your appreciation for all he does- and all he repairs!

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