Razer Lends Their Industrial Design Team Out to Clearbot to Design Trash-Collecting Marine Drone

I think of gaming hardware company Razer as, well, a gaming hardware company. So I was surprised to learn that they’ve not only established a $50 million venture capital fund for sustainability-focused startups, but have also lent their industrial design team and engineering team out to at least one of them: Clearbot, a Hong-Kong-based organization developing solutions to rid waterways of trash. “We love using our expertise to support game-changing startups and their push for sustainability,” says Charlie Bolton, Razer’s Director of Industrial Design.

Clearbot has been working on a solar-powered autonomous marine drone that hoovers up waterborne trash like a floating Roomba. Their prototype works, but I guess it doesn’t look like the type of object investors like to fund:

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Razer’s ID team sexified Clearbot’s creation “with a design that’s more efficient, marketable and scalable:”

You can support Clearbot’s mission here, and you can support Razer’s mission to support Clearbot’s mission by, like, buying one of these.

Source: core77

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