Razer's Gaming Chair Concept Has a Flexible Surround Screen That Unfolds Out of the Backrest

Branding themselves as “the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers,” Razer has branched out beyond hardware and is now doing furniture design concepts. Gaming-related, of course. Their Project Brooklyn gaming chair concept, unveiled at (virtual) CES 2021, aims to provide “next generation immersion” by incorporating a 60-inch panoramic screen that folds out of the backrest.

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“At the touch of a button, Project Brooklyn deploys an expansive 60″ rollout OLED display stowed in its back, plunging you into the action as you savor a truly panoramic experience with stunning visuals and crisp detail.”

(Photo lightened for visibility)

The carbon fiber, leather-upholstered chair would also feature haptic feedback.

Assuming flexible screens become a reality, how practical of a design would this actually be? The scene I picture is a gamer hitting pause to go to the bathroom, and retracting the screen so they can get out of the chair. When they return and sit down again, the screen starts to unfurl–and gets stuck halfway. Rage session ensues.

(Photo lightened for visibility)

Anyways, here’s how Razer envisions the chair being used:

Source: core77

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