"Re-Thinking an Outdated Wearable:" BioLite's New Ergonomic LED HeadLamp

BioLite’s a company that knows about outdoor illumination, and thus far their lighting products have been limited to handheld or hanging items. But now, with their new LED HeadLamp, they’re expanding into wearables.

This being BioLite, the $49, 330-lumen HeadLamp is of course rechargeable, by means of either solar panel or powerbank. And the designers appear to have focused heavily on the ergonomics: “We’ve gone from phonographs to wireless earbuds, pilgrim shoes to flyknits, pocketwatches to fitness trackers; so why have headlamps – a wearable we all know – stayed so dang unwearable?”

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“You know what we’re talking about: the doorknob sticking out of your forehead. It’s bulky, it’s uncomfortable, and it constantly reminds you of its presence. So many other categories (sound, footwear, eyewear) have evolved into modern, lighter, smarter designs yet headlamps have remained largely the same – so we set out to change that.

“3D SlimFit Construction is the secret sauce: 3D-molded housing integrates electronics directly into the fabric for a SUPER thin front that sits flush on your forehead for NO BOUNCE. The power source sits on the back of the head, creating a more balanced, weightless feel while negating the classic slippage problem found in other headlamps. Lastly, smart moisture-wicking fabrics keep you cool and dry and won’t rub you the wrong way.”

Since launching yesterday, the HeadLamp is already a smash hit on Kickstarter, with $178,271 pledged on a $40,000 at press time. There’s still 30 days left to pledge in order to get one before the holidays, and while the HeadLamp will eventually be available for regular sale after that, “this is a limited quantity run – so once they’re gone, they’re gone until Spring 2019,” the company writes.

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