Reader Submitted: Be Right Back: Haptic Furniture

Inspired by the concept of curtains, Be Right Back was designed in consideration of individual needs found in relaxation and stress relief. The push-pull motion enables its user to “fidget” – an action done out of boredom or stress to stimulate the brain.

The innate desire to complete tasks and progress through stressful environments are indicative of our adaptation and development of our individual methods to cope and manage stress. It is clear that there is no single, correct approach to achieving relaxation as every person possesses their own way of managing stress, reflective of their character and individuality.

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The Be Right Back project has explored various social behaviours and cognitive elements of the relaxation process. Its aim was to design an object that amplifies the individual’s relaxation capabilities, identifying various relaxation methodologies and be able to incorporate this notion of dichotomy in passive and active relaxation.

To achieve this, I investigated an array of habits and behaviours of individuals in achieving the optimal level for relaxation, as well as chair structures that would help facilitate and cultivate relaxation for its users. However, it is imperative that we recognise the aim of the relaxation process – that is, to evoke emotions and sensations.

Designing for such would require an understanding of theories beyond ergonomics in furniture, and instead place emphasis on the ways we can induce relaxation through physical means.

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