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This the first product of Boaz ISI Ltd. – a modular, durable, low-cost, professional electric guitar. It was designed and developed for many years by Master-Luthier Boaz Elkayam and senior industrial designer Gilad Ben Tzur. After endless research and experimentation and several prototypes, this guitar is finally the center of a kickstarter campaign running until Sep. 28.

In one guitar the player gets several different pickup modules that may be exchanged in seconds. One may also switch the guitar body in seconds, and with minimal effort adjust the action/intonation/string position or replace the whole bridge. One may also change the tuning machine heads, and will be able to add several more accessories that are soon to be announced. This design is actually a platform that may create a whole product eco-system, producing different parts and accessories that may change the way the guitar looks, feels, and functions.

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Boaz Elkayam
Master Luthier Boaz Elkayam – the Boaz ONE Lead Creator
Adjustable Bridge
Boaz ONE Adjustable Bridge
Pre-tuned Bridge
Boaz ONE Pre-tuned Bridge; Bridge Replacement
Boaz ONE Three Pickup Cassettes. The pickups are specially designed by Kent Armstrong
Boaz ONE Guitar
The Boaz ONE Guitar with Full Body
Retractable Stand
The Boaz ONE Guitar with Retractable Stand Body
Bodies Variety
Boaz ONE Several Possible Bodies
On Stage
Boaz ONE on stage
Pickup Switching
Inserting a Pickup Cassette to Boaz ONE
Kent Armstrong Humbucker
Boaz One – Two Kent Armstrong specially designed Boaz Hot Humbucker pickups

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