Reader Submitted: Designed to be Inconspicuous – Universal Kitchen Aid 

Cooking is a much-loved activity for all people around the world. On average we particularly spend 1-2 hours of our day either cooking or prepping food of some kind if we include breakfast lunch and dinner. You will notice, usually when prepping food our thought process is spent more on what ingredients will be needed to make a recipe, rather than the utensils that will be needed during the preparation of our meal itself.

Think about it for a second. Usually, in every household, you will have a knife, fork, spoon and bowl right? We usually don’t go looking to see if we have those items in stock. But what about the most important tool of all our hands? Without our hands, these utensils become practically useless.

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Yet has it ever crossed your mind, what would happen if one day you were to suddenly lose your mobility to use your hands? What will be the sort of challenges you would face when cooking a meal?

Well, the Magnetic Co-board – is a universal cooking board holder that addresses this very real challenge several people face daily. The design assists any individual with limited mobility to keep the cooking bowl stationary when mixing ingredients. Allowing the user to be able to cook independently with one hand and without the aid of another person.

A simple solution that creates a base for a bowl to remain stationary – a base that looks very ambiguous at first glance.

Close up of Magnetic Co-Board
Close up Shot
Credit: Desiree Riny
Final Assembly of Magnetic Co-Board
For the Magnetic Co-board to work, we welded several sheet of thin metal on the underside of several size stainless steel bowls to allow the bowl itself to magnetize to the base .
Credit: Desiree Riny
Close up of Magnetic Co-Board
The base itself is assembled together with several pieces of laminated laser cut acrylic sheets, which is held together with stainless steel screws.
Credit: Desiree Riny
Close up of Stainless Steel Bowl
Each Stainless steel bowl, has welded steel plate attached at the bottom.
Credit: Desiree Riny
First Prototype
This was our first prototype. There was alot of iterations and design thinking involved in how many layer made up the base – according how much movement it gave when our ‘ need knower ‘ interacted with the device. For example if there was more movement in a certain direction when mixing, we decided there was the need for more magnets .
Credit: Desiree Riny
Magnetic Co-board
Final Product Shot
Credit: Desiree Riny
Section View
Section View of Magnetic Co-board
Credit: Desiree Riny
Technical Drawing
Final Technical Drawing of Magnetic Co-Board Assembly
Credit: Steph Porrino
Magnetic Co-board
In context
Credit: Desiree Riny
Team Acess
Co-designing with Team Access
Credit: TOM: Melbourne

View the full project here
Source: core77

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