Reader Submitted: Eco-Conscious Manual Toothbrushes with Clip-On Brushes

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HILT is a manual toothbrush service that empowers its users to reduce their plastic waste by providing handles manufactured from a selection of longer lasting, recycled or degradable materials. An accompanying subscription service provides the users with bristle heads, these bristle heads are designed to manufactured using the minimum amount of plastic. However, users are also encouraged to return their old bristle heads to be recycled. HILT encourages users to stick with the service and keep recycling their old bristle heads through a points system that grants rewards and discounts on HILT products.

A simple toothbrush may not seem like a lot of plastic, but after accounting for manufacturing waste, plastic packaging and the sheer number being thrown away, the figures become staggering. Through the HILT website and app, users can track not only their plastic reduction, CO2 reduction and amount recycled, but also that of the entire HILT community, so together, they can see the difference they are making.

HILT Toothbrush Handle Range
HILT Handle & Accompanying Packaging
Bamboo HILT Handle
Recycled Synthetic Tortoise Shell Hilt Handle
Recycled Toothbrushes HILT Handle
Stainless Steel Hilt Handle
Titanium Alloy HILT Handle
HILT Bristles & Freepost Return Packaging
Design Process Summery

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