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One of the biggest luxuries of today’s time is eating fresh, organic and healthy food. We are a hydroponic farm solution startup based in India, striving to create sustainable, simplified and innovative farming solutions for urban farmers so that growing clean, healthy and residue-free vegetables can be accessible to all even with limited space. With hydroponics, we have taken one step further to develop uniquely designed, sustainable and aesthetic bamboo setups to reduce our plastic footprint as we believe that our solutions should be healthy for the environment too.

Our vision is to empower the lives of the urban communities through sustainable, affordable and innovative farming solutions.

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Why bamboo? bamboo is an abundant, naturally robust and flexible material that makes it a perfect eco-friendly substitute to plastic when it comes to hydroponic farming. Moreover bamboo hydroponic setups add a touch of luxury to your space, being handcrafted out of natural material, it bridges the gap between modern technologies and traditional values.

Bamboo treatment
Treating the bamboo using VDS technique to ensure the longevity of the product
Bamboo tower farm
The bamboo tower farm is built using the basketry method
bamboo tower fam
Separate units of the bamboo tower farm ready to be stacked
Inside details
Inside details
Bamboo tower farm after 2 weeks of growth
Early Prototypes
Our Logo

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