Reader Submitted: Forest – primary school desk partitions to help students with attention struggles

Have you ever caught yourself looking at the wall or a fly when you were supposed to focus on a lecture or work? I bet you have. Many people with ADHD experience this on daily basis with most of the activities. Japanese product designer and design researcher, Shion Ito jumped into a classroom of an elementary school in the Netherlands, where there were two students with ADHD who have difficulties focusing on their studies. With the goal of enabling all the students to feel connected with each other, he created a playful desk partition that encourages students to construct their physical bubble that helps them focus on their studies with other students.

The surrounding partitions help students to focus ontheir studies
students can create their original scenery
Students can chose how high and how densetheir Forest (partition) is
Slot profiles
Setting up of Forest
Separation between student who needs isolation to focus on their study and ones who doesn’t need
Students construct their concentration bubble withother student.
Setting up of Forest

View the full project here
Source: core77

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