Reader Submitted: GRUMS: A French Press Grounds Collector

A lot of people prefer the French press to brew the perfect cup of coffee, but everybody can agree the cleaning is difficult and cumbersome. It’s messy, takes time, a lot of tap water and will in time automatically clog your drain. Instead of turning to make a new costly French press with an integrated grounds collector, we wanted to make something more simple and universal for the millions or rather billions of beakers already in the market from Ikea, Bodum, Stelton, Cafetiere etc.

This was the basis for Grums (Danish for grounds) , which is basically also just a small “cup”. The small grounds container might look simple at a first glance, but there is a good deal of engineering involved to avoid vacuum build up, unwanted deformation during use and the perfect balance of friction and slide. It took us about two years and dozens of prototypes to get it right. The positive side effects of reducing water usage and saving CO2 are crazy big when we started adding it up. Coffee grounds are not good for your drain and not good for the sewer system in general, but turns out that there are many ways to utilize coffee grounds, for example to fertilize your plants or make exfoliating soap.

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