Reader Submitted: LAYER Designs a Discreet Power Strip for Vitra

A Core77 reader submitted project —Experience design agency LAYER and founder Benjamin Hubert have designed Ampi for Vitra, a super-compact desk accessory that dramatically increases access to power for charging various devices. It provides induction charging on the top surface, and when opened it offers USB-A and USB-C connectivity and two mains outlets. Ampi is the first collaboration between LAYER and Vitra, and has been in development for two years. It is the first powered tech product from the iconic furniture brand and the first charging station of its type in the world. Vitra. Ampi launches in October 2022 and will retail for £185.

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Vitra Ampi derives its name from ‘amps’ – a unit that denotes the amount of electricity used by a device.
The discreet charging station responds to the fluidity of the modern workplace, transforming your home or office desk into an electrified workstation.
Ampi grants access to power for up to six devices without complicated, messy cabling.
When closed, Vitra Ampi is a simple, softly radiused rectangle with an inviting dish on the top surface that provides induction charging for your phone.
A concealed drawer reveals a USB-C and two USB-A ports, which can be used to fast-charge devices such as headphones, tablets, and cameras.
When the drawer is fully open, two mains ports that can be used to power a monitor or charge a laptop are revealed.
Vittra Ampi is currently available with UK, EU, and US outlets.
Vitra Ampi is thoughtfully designed to challenge conventional notions of tech charging products.
The intentionally discreet form allows it to be used in volume across large office spaces to minimise cables and remove visual clutter, or in the home office where space is at a premium.
The main body is made from recyclable plastic with a softly tactile texture and the pull tab on the magnetic drawer is crafted from Kvadrat textile in a nod to Vitra’s furniture heritage.

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Source: core77

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