Reader Submitted: The Forgotten Rowac-Schemel Stool, Used at the Bauhaus Returns to Market

From factory floor to the Bauhaus.

Many know of the legendary Bauhaus building Walter Gropius designed and the furnishings made by his students in collaboration for this purpose. But few know that when it came to choosing stools for the classrooms and workshops, Gropius deliberately chose the sturdy so called “Rowac-Schemel” from a small family-owned metal factory in the nearby town of Chemnitz, Germany. It’s exactly this stool that we’re bringing back to the market a century later.

Rowac-Schemel with solid oak seat top
Each leg is secured to the base plate with five rivets
Patented floor protection plate is bonded securely to the leg
A group of Bauhaus students and teachers sitting on Rowac schemel – 1923, Weimar Germany
Rowac advertisement in a brochure for the Bauhaus Dessau – around 1927
24 individual rivets secure the 9 sheet metal parts together
Security screw blends in with the riveted design

View the full project here
Source: core77

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