Reader Submitted: This Self Driving Car Service Concept is a Food Systems Solution That Delivers Hydroponic Plants to Your Door

Do you know what needs to be done for greens to show up in your grocery store? It’s estimated that the United States’ meals travel about 1,500 miles to get from the farm to plate. Farmers’ markets are open overwhelmingly fewer months, days, and hours than nearby stores. On average, they offer less than half as many varieties of fresh produce items and fresh-produce categories. Due to seasonal and local availability, sourcing can be hard for many farmer’s markets.

Meet Infinite Green, a selection and delivery service that provides hydroponically grown produce, fruit, and herbs directly to the user. When you make an order, your plants are placed in enclosed pods that keep them fresh and thriving. A self-driving truck transports and exchanges orders to keep users supplied with a wide variety of food.

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Source: core77

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