Reader Submitted: Zilch Seating Concept Aims for Full-Circle Recyling

Sustainability historically centered on reducing consumption, but the growing recognition that the need for the ‘new’ is far from satisfied is prompting a shift in the manner that high-value, low-cost things are developed. The re-evaluation of the life-cycle processes for the consumer items we already have formed the basis of this project.

The concept of throwing away-away does not exist. An item that is no longer in use does not disappear; instead, it renders the location where it ends up, such as a landfill or a river, uninhabitable. There is no such concept as “throwing away.” Our insatiable cravings for inexpensive commodities, fast fashion, and consumer goods that move quickly contribute significantly to the accumulation of waste in landfills. Every year, over 288 million tons of plastic are manufactured worldwide, and approximately one-third of the world’s plastic is used to construct packaging, the majority of which is discarded after use. How can we design things that generate less waste, have the potential to regenerate themselves, and contribute positively to the ecosystem of our planet?

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Source: core77

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