‘Real Beauty’: 98 Photos Shared On The ‘Instagram Vs. Reality’ Group That Are A Contrast To Heavily Photoshopped Pics (New Pics)

Social media is notorious for everything except showing the real things. From heavy photo editing and airbrushing pictures to carefully staging every move they make, from hiding the raw stuff and only showcasing the perfect side of things, you may start to wonder why everyone but you has a perfect life, perfect relationship, and perfect skin. Hence, the self-image issues.

Very rarely, unedited and real beauty pictures find their place on notoriously fake social media. Like a very fresh breath of air, they remind us to not take things for granted. They pour a bag of salt onto everything influencers show, do, and say.

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Thanks to the r/Instagramreality subreddit with over a million members, which documents all the Instagrammers and influencers that cross the line in faking their pictures, we have quite a collection of real beauty pics to look at. When you’re done with this list, make sure to check out part 1.

#1 Polish Lingerie Brand, The First Thing You See On Their Website

Image credits: kiwi-bandit

#2 I Spy With My Little Eye…a Real Thigh

Image credits: JMyers666

#3 80s Supermodel Wants To Reject Anti-Aging Culture And Prove That Beauty Gets Better With Age

Image credits: Hardluck-Woman

#4 Runway Model For A Major Fashion House. This Level Of Representation Makes Me So Happy

Image credits: JanuaryRRose

#5 More Of This

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 This Lingerie Brand Using Women Of Different Ages And Letting Them Actually Have Some Wrinkles Made Me Really Happy

Image credits: savwonders

#7 The Representation Is So Wonderful To See

Image credits: floridabeatcovid

#8 Such A Striking Look

Image credits: lammsss

#9 I Love This

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: funfilo

#10 Famous Actress Who Doesn’t Feel The Need To Filter Out Skin Texture

Image credits: emmath20

#11 A Breath Of Fresh Air

Image credits: ahanaahana

#12 Genuinely Surprised And Happy To See This On A Major Retailer’s Site!

Image credits: amrungwaew

#13 On Europe’s Biggest Billboard

Image credits: BrownBobbies

#14 So Refreshing To See Skin Texture And Wrinkles

Image credits: NewTeenTrends

#15 French Jewelry Brand Uses Gray-Haired Model

Image credits: anawkwardsomeone

#16 Nice To See A Well-Known Clothing Brand Not Editing Out The Model’s Arm Hair Or Skin Texture!

Image credits: makeuathrowaway

#17 Love Her. Love The Unapologetic Real Photo

Image credits: WannabePhilosopher7

#18 The Existence Of Arm Hair!

Image credits: elevenmillion

#19 A Little Joy Seeing A Tummy And Legs That Look Like Mine While Scrolling For Bikinis ?

Image credits: Forever_Yawning

#20 Glad To See The Magazine Didn’t Edit This Out

Image credits: youknowmeasjess

#21 Its Amazing That A Lingerie Brand Shows All Types Of Bodies

Image credits: millie_81

#22 One Of My Favorite All Inclusive Swimwear Brands

Image credits: PatientBalance

#23 Love This Polish So Was Glad To See This When Browsing

Image credits: olmagpie

#24 Same Legs Different Lighting For This Fitness Influencer – It’s Time To Love Your Lumps And Bumps ?

Image credits: LavenderLady_

#25 Look At These Swimsuit Models

Image credits: WinterPlanet

#26 This Polish Singer I Recently Found Who Doesn’t Edit Her Wrinkles Or Pores Away, Was So Refreshing To See This!

Image credits: xxpurplemoonlightxx

#27 Sported For Shoe Store Advert ♥️

Image credits: sportfueledblonde

#28 She Looks Incredible

Image credits: BrownBobbies

#29 It Wasn’t Until I Saw This Post That I Realized How We Are Never Shown A Variety Of Arm Sizes In Makeup Swatches. Also Love Seeing Real Skin!!

Image credits: jennifercheckk

#30 Aging Skin, Natural Teeth And Brows, Skin Texture, Model Variety… *chef’s Kiss*

Image credits: smashedaura

#31 Make Up Brand Teaching A Winged Eyeliner Technique

Image credits: silentwail

#32 She Just A Rare Natural/Unedited Pic , Refreshing

Image credits: clutchkickmurphys

#33 She Looks Stunning

Image credits: sausagemuffincake

#34 This Is A Glorious Photo. Love That We Are Seeing More Natural Bodies In Advertising

Image credits: abees_knees

#35 Artist At An Event A Couple Weeks Ago With A Tummy Just Like Mine 🙂

Image credits: jslnb

#36 Just An Appreciation Post For This Beautiful Actress Aging Gracefully And Showcasing It By Posting Unedited Instagram Pictures. I’ve Always Thought She Was Beautiful

Image credits: seanceknowles

#37 Love This Type Of Advertising

Image credits: Claposaurus

#38 Clothing Company Showing Beautiful, Realistic Female Model

Image credits: k82216me

#39 I Never See Waist Beads On Normal Women

Image credits: emmabananasplit

#40 Inclusion To A Level I’ve Never Seen By Very Popular Clothing Store

Image credits: linzkisloski

#41 Hip Dips (Aka Normal Body Anatomy), Skin Texture, Rolls, Stretch Marks. Models Are Still Clearly Slim But Not Edited To Oblivion

Image credits: narlymaroo

#42 Happy New Year (Found On Instragram)

Image credits: twispandcatsby

#43 Sanity Sunday: So Nice To See A World Famous Popstar With Natural Skin Texture

Image credits: t-abb-y

#44 A Little Lighting, A Lot Of Pasta. Popular Actress Shows Two Versions Of Her Body On Vacation!

Image credits: illegal_____smeagol

#45 Body Positive Images From This Week’s Online Shopping

Image credits: chill_chilll

#46 Found A Jewellery Brand That Doesn’t Edit Their Model’s Skin

Image credits: knife-frog

#47 An Ad For Lingerie In France. It Even Says That The Pic Was Altered In The Bottom Left

Image credits: katsudoncurry

#48 This Actress From A Recent And Popular Netflix Show With Unedited Armpits

Image credits: reddit.com

#49 She’s Absolutely Stunning!

Image credits: prolelol

#50 Her Smile Is Intoxicating

Image credits: Samrojas0

#51 I Rarely See Unedited Photos Of Women In Bikinis On Insta, So This Is Refreshing. I Also Love The Fact That She Didn’t Edit Out Her Appendectomy Scar

Image credits: leftover-ramen

#52 Advertisement By A British Makeup Brand I Came Across In Belfast

Image credits: IbbeTheCat

#53 Real Skin, Real Texture, Real Bumps. Still Beautiful

Image credits: Dws511

#54 She’s My Queen

Image credits: ClosetedGothAdult

#55 Normal Beautiful Body!

Image credits: lmball2

#56 This Breath Of Fresh Air On Ig

Image credits: RL_77twist

#57 This Was Refreshing!

Image credits: dentedgal

#58 Hear Me Out, Sanity Sunday But Everyday

Image credits: anonygenie

#59 Realness

Image credits: Dws511

#60 UK Beloved Celebrity Known For Being Very Down To Earth

Image credits: MCRashton

#61 Filter Is Not Real Life

Image credits: ParchedCoverage

#62 Does She Have Uneven Texture? Sure. Is She Still Beautiful? Yes

Image credits: Behinditsown

#63 Was Watching A Podcast And Wanted To Appreciate That No Filters Were Applied To These Celebrities. Aging Is Okay Y’all

Image credits: heytherefakenerds

#64 Unfiltered Influencer Without Those Tiny Fake Photoshopped Proportions

Image credits: SprinklesandBeer

#65 Loving This Sports Store Even More Now!

Image credits: mmajamm

#66 My Favourite Lingerie Brand Showing Diversity

Image credits: NotiqNick

#67 “My Body Isn’t A Trend”

Image credits: filondo

#68 This Photo Of Her Was Taken In 2003 And Not Photoshopped

Image credits: LeTrak5

#69 Here’s To More Sanity Sunday Posts In 2023 ?

Image credits: anonygenie

#70 All Thighs Are Nice Thighs ?

Image credits: Utdredangel

#71 A Makeup Artist

Image credits: jointsbeforesex

#72 Saw This Ad On Facebook, So Refreshing Seeing Realistic Bodies Model Clothing

Image credits: candiedbonez

#73 She’s So Beautiful This Made Me So Happy

Image credits: callmeRira

#74 Regular Legs

Image credits: spacemandy87

#75 This Huge Celeb Just Posted This, Love The Skin Texture Realness

Image credits: serabaker24

#76 Nice To See Body Hair On Clothes Models

Image credits: especiallytheroux

#77 “I’m Choosing Myself” – She Was So Beautiful And Strong On The Show

Image credits: apneacheo

#78 A Celeb Who Doesn’t Airbrush Their Skin

Image credits: fel124

#79 A Makeup Brand That Features Skin Texture, Braces And Uneven Teeth In Their Ads

Image credits: drunk-at-noon

#80 Another Nose Post Cos Guys Need Love Too

Image credits: Plastic-One-5468

#81 This Account That Post Comparison Of Her Without And With Facetune To Preach The Word Of Not Trusting Social Media

Image credits: clutchkickmurphys

#82 Love Her!

Image credits: i_am_mrs_nezbit

#83 Love Her, Love This

Image credits: h0lycowabunga

#84 Love Her

Image credits: callme-lunchbox

#85 Gorgeous!

Image credits: sosoohsonice

#86 One Of My Fav Influencers

Image credits: ParchedCoverage

#87 Skin Texture Is Normal And Human. This Is Refreshing

Image credits: tvm_b

#88 Member Of A Very Famous K-Pop Boy Group. Posted By A Friend/Fellow Member On His Birthday. Not A Filter To Be Found. Pores, Texture, Sebaceous Filaments And A Scar On His Cheek All Fully Visible

Image credits: Reading-is-awesome

#89 The Clothing Stores Websites Changed So Much In A Last Few Years – I Love It!

Image credits: BouncingDancer

#90 Famous And Beautiful Belarusian Actress Posted Unretouched Photos With Flash

Image credits: masterofsatellites

#91 Photoshoot Backstage… Nvm The Eyebrows, But Its Nice To See Texture!

Image credits: chicchirichi

#92 Real Skin And Texture On An Ad Campaign For A Major Makeup Brand

Image credits: monoclegeek

#93 I Love These Kind Of Closeups Of Famous People. Very Humanizing

Image credits: filondo

#94 So Glad People Who Show It Like It Is Exist

Image credits: pumbachka993

#95 Famous Celeb Unfiltered

Image credits: chill_chilll

#96 This Shop Using Non-Common Model Size/Type

Image credits: Damadamas

#97 Posted By Her Official Team Account, A Real Face With Makeup On!

Image credits: regan9109

#98 Can It Finally Be, Our Unfiltered Queen???

Image credits: pppsl

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