Rebirth of Life on Earth After Asteroid Impact

In the case that a doomsday asteroid hits Earth, researchers say that we have the assurance that life on Earth will bounce back or rather, fall back to Earth after the initial impact.

Steinn Sigurdsson and colleagues conducted a computer simulation of a massive asteroid said to potential wipe all life on Earth. But hold your horses because this doesn’t necessarily mean all life will become extinct and the Earth would be blasted to oblivion.

“If you have a sterilizing impact — if you have a beyond dinosaur killer, something that’s going to flash fry the entire planet — there is a significant probability that some biota is ejected and returns to the planet, hopefully gently, fast enough to reseed the planet,” he added.

The existence of such “space refuges” is supported by computer simulations Sigurðsson and his colleagues recently performed, which tracked the trajectories of rock blasted off Earth and the other rocky planets into orbit around the sun.

They added that what caused the dinosaurs’ extinction 66 million years ago might have been a global firestorm that blazed through the surface of the Earth as the rocks were falling back to Earth.

(Image credit: TBIT/Pixabay)

Source: neatorama

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