Recap: Askew One for Galartis x MyFinBec

On June 15th & 16th, Askew One visited Geneva, Switzerland, to participate in a project organized by Galartis auction house and the MyFinBec creative platform. During those two days, the New Zealand-based artist painted a 3 x 2 meter mural on 84 wood wine cases at the showroom for the street art auction that took place June 22.

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For this project, Askew One sourced local material by ripping sections of old posters off the streets of Geneva. He then reassembled these pieces into a single object that he used as a reference for the hand painted background of the mural. This concept is the continuation of works he has been producing lately, trying to incorporate the elements of urban history into his portraiture works. Askew also scouted for the right subject in this portrait, which matched the concept and the composition of the prepared background elements. After taking several reference images of the girl he picked as a model, he proceeded to paint her image over the painted background of the torn posters. The live painting and viewing of the final artwork was part of the Galartis’ showroom for their street art auction, and the MyFinBec team captured the whole project on photos and video.

Source: arrestedmotion

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