Reclaiming Long-Lost Positive Words

Language changes fast, especially in the internet age. But it had always changed. While we have words our ancestors never imagined, we have also lost words. We know how to be ruthless, but at one time we could be full of ruth. We recognize when something is unwieldy, but would we recognize a thing that is wieldy? Lexicographer and etymologist Susie Dent thinks there are plenty of words that need to be brought back, especially positive words.

If we could be full of “ruth,” that would mean we are full of compassion. Another great word is “confelicity,” which means taking joy in someone else’s happiness. Or how about old words that are just funny, like “cacklefarts” for eggs? There are plenty of lost words in English, and in other languages, which deserve to be brought out and used properly. Read about more of them at The Guardian.  -via Metafilter

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Source: neatorama

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