Recyclable, No-Virgin-Plastic Storage Totes: Rubbermaid Announces ECOSense Line

Ironically, I now live out in nature but deal with way more plastic than I ever did in the city. Country life requires a lot of stuff, and every neighbor I’ve visited down here, whether a disaster prepper or not, has multiple plastic bins and buckets of stuff in the garage or basement. Here on our farm, we’ve got them in the dozens.

These break from time to time, and it’s nice to know that I can get a replacement that doesn’t use any virgin plastic. Rubbermaid has announced their ECOSense line, manufactured in the USA by United Solutions. The line consists of stackable, latching-lid storage bins in 18-, 29- and 37-gallon sizes; a 40-gallon lidded storage bin with wheels; a 5-gallon pail; and a 7-gallon wastebasket. All are made from 100% recycled material, and are in turn 100% recyclable.

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The company claims they’re “heavy duty,” but I’ve learned that that phrase means something different to marketers than it does to us. These are new enough that there aren’t even any Amazon reviews yet, but when I eventually pick one up, I’ll let you know if these can take a beating or not.

Source: core77

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