Red Cat Inception

I have a large red cat, and I see cats on the internet all the time who look just like him, so I know how common they are. Redditor teoman_asyn got a lesson on how common they are as he got into a strange situation.

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My cat went missing for 2 days, so I put an advert on Facebook. Literally 5 mins after my cat comes to the door. 30 mins later, my neighbour comes and drops off what he thought was my cat. Now I have two identical cats.

You may consider two identical cats a bonus, but the cats aren’t all that happy. The picture sparked quite a few puns, but also some imaginative speculation.

1. The original cat goes away for only two days and when he gets home, he finds that his human has already bought an identical replacement. Imagine what that can do to a cat’s ego.

2. This is what happens when Schrodinger’s cat participates in the double slit experiment.

3. The owner of the new cat will place a missing cat notice on Facebook, and will suddenly have three cats.

4. It’s possible teoman_asyn always had two cats, but they were never in the same room.

5. It’s also possible that neither one of these is the original cat, and there may be even more big red cats show up before the original cat comes home.

6. Of course, teoman_asyn now plans to advertise a “found cat.” He’ll have to be pretty careful not to return the wrong cat to the rightful owner.

Source: neatorama

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