Reddit’s 2020 Year in Review

PSA: I don’t think masks ruined our pictures at all. I’m excited to look back on them and see what an insane time in life we were having – but that we made it through anyway. from r/weddingplanning

Almost half a billion people use reddit each month, so the activity on the site is a snapshot of what the world was doing in 2020. The site’s year-end review takes a look at the subreddits that stood out this year, for participation, virality, and influence. 

Here, moderators of r/coronavirus, r/blacklivesmatter, r/weddingplanning, r/frugal, r/applyingtocollege, and r/amitheasshole share firsthand how online communities faced some of 2020’s most unprecedented moments:

You can read the report on trends with examples of influential or representative posts at redditblog.

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Find out what the top posts of the year were here.

Source: neatorama

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