Regular Deadline is a week away—here's what can you do now to get started on your entry

We know how it goes: things get busy and before you know it, a deadline you’ve been keeping track of is just days away. That’s why we wanted to send a reminder that the Core77 Awards Regular Deadline is quickly approaching, ending March 15 at 9 PM ET.

But just because this deadline is coming up soon doesn’t mean you have to miss the chance to save before prices go up! We understand that often the most difficult part of putting an entry together is getting started, so here are some small steps you can take to jump in and get an entry draft going:

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Gather the photos that best represent your design project.

Yes, we want to see photos that really make your project “pop”! First, find those. But we also want to see photos that illuminate your process and show the work it took to get to that final design. All photos should be of high quality, of course. And don’t forget to add a video if you have one, as it can help judges understand your project more quickly!

Write one defining sentence for your entry under “Project Overview” to get started.

How would you describe your project to someone who is new to the concept? Write a clear sentence explaining what your project is, and put it in your entry with plans to edit later. It might inspire a few more sentences, and just like that, you’re a quarter of the way through your entire entry!

Create an outline for what you want your “Project Details” section to cover. 

First, write answers to the question, “what challenges does your final solution address?” This can help dictate the different pieces of your outline. Common headers in project entries include “Process,” “Design Details,” and “Overall Impact.” Once you have an outline together, it will be easier to fill in more details into these sections.

Follow these steps, and you might be surprised at how much progress you make on your entry!

Now that you have these tools, what are you waiting for?

Get started on your awards entry now, and you’ll be ready to enter far ahead of the deadline next week on March 15th!

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