Relatively Disgusting Video Shows How Earwax-Clogged Airpods Get, and How to Clean Them

Click away if you’re squeamish.

Electronic technician Julius Kaveckas runs Phone Fix Craft, a Dublin-based business that primarily handles mail-in microsoldering repairs for smartphones, tablets and laptops. But lately he’s seen an uptick in business from Airpods owners who complain that their volume levels have plunged.

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The problem, Kaveckas learned, is that ear wax seems to migrate into the dual mesh screens of each Airpod. Trooper that he is, he cleans them out fastidiously, even though some of the biological muck resembles “a piece of bacon or sausage or carrot.” By re-exposing the holes in the mesh, he’s able to return the volume levels to normal.

In this video he shows you how to do it, but be warned, it is well disgusting.

Tgcw; (Too gross couldn’t watch); a drop of rubbing alcohol, micropicks and a vacuum.

Source: core77

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