Religious Family Gets Offended By Nephew’s Shrek-Themed Birthday Party

Shrek is the beloved cartoon ogre who has become as iconic as Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. But as today’s story shows, he could also cause strain among religious families

Reddit user Acceptable_Pick_4664 wanted to throw her five-year-old son a Shrek-themed birthday party. However, the chosen motif offended her brother, a devout Christian. 

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The original poster (OP) was left in a tough spot between her child and sibling and asked the TwoHotTakes subreddit for advice.

Shrek has become a renowned cartoon character used as a theme for many children’s parties

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But in today’s story, the famous ogre became the source of tension within a religious family

Image credits: MART PRODUCTION (not the actual image)

The original poster was left torn between appeasing her son and brother

Image credits: Acceptable_Pick_4664

People remain devoted to their religion despite the potential conflicts it can cause among loved ones

As the story shows, religious differences may cause tension among families. Yet, some people aren’t willing to compromise for their beliefs’ sake. 

Brigham Young University professors Dr. David C. Dollahite and Dr. Loren Marks discussed a possible reason in an article for Meridian Magazine

Religion both generates and addresses (and may even resolve) a variety of struggles, including relational ones.”

To explain their point further, the two academics gave specific explanations. 

Religious beliefs, practices, and communities offer various ways for adherents to frame and understand trials and afflictions: a punishment for sin, a crucible that purges baser motives, a way to learn humility, a path to holiness, a way to show love to God, or a way to develop moral virtues, among other possibilities and interpretations.” 

Handling religious conflicts within the family is about finding balance

According to author Nycollas Marshall, balancing tolerance and civility is key when handling religious conflicts among family members. Marshall is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and he grew up in a household with different Christian beliefs. 

“Some behaviors an individual should generally not tolerate would be rudeness, insults, and physical violence,” he wrote in an article for Medium. “You should not accept anything that makes you uncomfortable.”

“Don’t be hostile, don’t engage in debate, and answer honest questions (how you determine which questions are honest is up to your judgment).

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“Be easy to talk to, be easy to live with. The harmony we aim for requires both parties to cooperate, yet it takes one to destroy it. Make sure you are not the obstacle to peace.”

In today’s story, it only makes sense for the OP to continue with her planned themed party for her son. As for her brother, having a mature, open-minded, and uncontentious dialogue could fix the problem and prevent new ones from arising. 

Most commenters didn’t understand the backlash against Shrek and were all for pushing through with the planned theme

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