Remedy Rush: Design For Everyone

Remedy Rush: Design For Everyone

VIA Design, one of the largest schools for Design & Business in Scandinavia, holds an annual exhibit showing a new body of work every year. This year, the exhibit was named Remedy Rush, and focused on featuring design that improves one’s quality of life. It highlights the ability of design to make everyday life just a little bit easier. They like to call it “design that improves life”. Each piece is an aesthetically pleasing object for the home, while also serving a higher purpose to make life easier for the user.

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Böj – a reinterpretation of the classic yoga mat by Henriette Bøgeskov Jørgensen

DEVIAN – an upholstered pouf with a front facing metal bar by Kasper Egelund

SIM ZQUARE – reinterpretation of a trolley cart with pull-out panel by Katrine Bjørn

TILTY – a balance chair by Lene Madsen

PALLIUM by Lise Vester

MEND – a dining chair by Mathias Bek

BLACKBIRD CN-17- an abstract mobile by Mette Jochimsen

OSPI – an aid that applies to people with walking disabilities by Michelle Würtz

DELIGHT – a light therapy lamp and an esthetic table lamp by Mikala Englund Skovdal

SUMO CHAIR – have a free hug by Signe Øland Iversen

BINARY SUNSET – floor lamp by Simon Benjamin Christensen

NAHBI – baby bed by Trine Poulsen

The collection debuted during Milan Design Week 2017.

Source: design-milk

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