"Renew Me" is a design show about energy & the environment.

It feels like there is an unlimited supply of electricity, food, & materials available at our fingertips. If we continue consumption at this rate, what does the future hold? Imagine society 100 years from now, when natural resources have been depleted and there is a boom of sustainable inventions. We challenged designers to choose a topic that they’re passionate about & address the issue.

May 10-12, Usagi Gallery in Brooklyn, NY

RSVP here for the opening party on May 10th. Tickets are free.

Friday, 6-10PM
Saturday, 10-6PM
Sunday, 10-4PM

The show features 26 thought-provoking creations by designers & entrepreneurs across the country. The exhibited work ranges from market-ready products to futuristic product concepts.

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Grouphug‘s Window Solar Charger that can hang in any apartment window and harvest energy to power cell phones.

Dalia Ahmed‘s solar-powered grow light for indoor gardening.

CKYLR‘s sophisticated composter that breaks down food 80x faster than traditional methods.

Check out the full list of designers & Futureworks Incubator Startups participating.

Come check out the exhibition, so you can:

– try a device that harvests energy from exercising

– learn how to harvest energy from storms caused by climate change

– try a taste of spirulina freshly grown in Brooklyn

– sit on biodegradable furniture made from paper

– many more product concepts

“Grouphug was founded out of the belief that designers can and should use their creativity to address important societal issues. We don’t need another line of high-end chairs— we need creative solutions to complex problems that affect billions of people every day.”

– Krystal Persaud, Founder of Grouphug.

Designers Exhibiting:

We Are The New Farmers by Daniel Bernstein, Jonas Guenther, & Michael Udovich

bioMATTERS by Nancy Diniz & Frank Melendez

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

CLIP Bike by Somnath Ray & Clement de Alcala

Folia Water by Teri Dankovich, Jon Levine, & Daniel Canestaro-Garcia

AnaCheza by Njeri Mathu

CYKLR by Yu Nong Khew, Alexander Cornelius, Dr. Ken Lee, & Tan Ee

“Embodied Water” by Ari Elefterin

“Doro” by Charlie Padgham

“Tilt” by Cassidy Lavine

“Unharnessables” by Christine LaFontaine & Rosalind Parks

“Grow Light Kit” by Dalia Ahmed

“Steam Stack Energy” by Meaghan Kennedy, Diego Perez, & Ashley Touchton of Orange Sparkle Ball

“LIV” by Hailey White

“Sci Fi Algae Clothing” by Hirumi Nanayakkara

“SafeTech” by Jackson Fordham

“Aray” by Ke Hu

“Future Scape” by Luz Cabrera & Nahin Shah

“21XX” by Nate Soto

“Shy Flora” by Oscar Salguero & Goeun Choi

“Fun Co.” by Sky White (Designer & Art Director), Rob Chron(Photographer)

“Calisthentic Energy Harvester” by Tan Tran

“Living Lab” by Christina Mayo

“Plastic Recycling Tool” by the 7th Floor, Natalia Szabala & Fabio Castellanos

“The Breakdown” by Renee Collins & Benjamin Ruoff

AI Can” by Joe Gelber & Sid Sugathan

Mooki Mello by Tim Ronco & Joonas Kyöstilä

In collaboration with the Futureworks Incubator.

An official event NYCxDESIGN week.

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