Rent a "Shopping Boyfriend"

Let’s face it, ladies – most guys are just not into shopping.

So why drag your man kicking and screaming to the mall when you can rent an attractive and supportive boyfriend to accompany you while shopping?

That’s what one mall in China is doing:

What started as a clever promotion for March 8th, International Women’s Day, has apparently become a year-long strategy to attract female shoppers. Walking through mall galleries in Chinese cities like Hebei or Foshan, you’re likely to spot young, dapper men displayed in giant, doll box-like frames decorated with hearts. They are called ‘shopping boyfriends’ and they can be rented by the hour by lonely female shoppers looking for company. Rates start as low as 1 yuan ($0.15) per hour, up to 2 yuan ($0.30) in some shopping malls.

Source: neatorama

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