Reposting Vintage Posters For The COVID-19 Fight

Touchwood Design Inc. were inspired by World War II government public service announcements to create posters to address the current situation. The series of posters, called Repurpose With A Purpose, reminds people to wash their hands, observe a 14-day quarantine after travel, stop hoarding food, and to practice social distancing. Plain Magazine has more details: 

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The multidisciplinary design studio adapted the simple, visual and straightforward style of these recognised posters to our address our current situation. It’s a visual campaign that effectively gets the message across, taking the firm stance of its past purpose into the present. “We recycled them and gave new meaning to help educate, inform and remind us that we’ve faced terrible things before, and we’ll get through this together,” the studio says.

image via Plain Magazine

Source: neatorama

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