Rescue Beaver Instinctively Dams Doorways With Household Objects

Nancy Coyne is a New-York-based licensed wildlife rehabilitation expert. She takes in young animals whose parents have been killed, and who cannot yet fend for themselves. “Wildlife rehabbing is complete volunteer work,” she writes on her website. “You DO NOT get paid.”

That hasn’t stopped her from taking in an abandoned beaver pup, who has proved quite the challenge. Since beavers are social animals, he rotates between outside time and indoor time, to be around other creatures. Coyne discovered that indoors, “Beav” has the hilarious habit of spontaneously creating dams where he perceives voids, using household objects:

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Coyne does not accept donations, but fans of her TikTok channel have shipped literally dozens of plungers for Beav to play with:

You can see more here.

Source: core77

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