Rezvani Motors' Aggressively-Styled Bulletproof Off-Roader

If you’re in the market for a bulletproof vehicle, I’d think you’d want it to look low-key. But Rezvani Motors, a California-based manufacturer of such vehicles, begs to differ. The company contracted ex-Lamborghini transportation designer Samir Sadikhov to design their Rezvani Tank, an intimidating-looking off-road vehicle that comes in both a base model ($175,000) and a bulletproof Military Edition ($259,000).

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Here are Sadikhov’s concept sketches and renderings:

Here’s the real deal rolled out by Rezvani:

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Aesthetically, they’re as if the FJ Cruiser had an older brother who did eight years as a Navy SEAL. And the aggressive, unapologetically muscular geometry hides an absurd amount of features, from protective to technological to antipersonnel:

– Bullet proof glass and body armor

– Underside explosive protection

– Smoke Screen

– Military Runflat Tires

– Thermal Night Vision System

– Reinforced suspension

– Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

– Ram Bumpers

– Optional explosive device detection

– Optional continuous video recording

– Electrified Door Handles

– Siren and Horn Options

– Strobe Lights

– Blinding Lights

– Intercom System

– Magnetic Dead Bolts

– Gas masks

– First Aid kit

– Hypothermia kit

– Pepper Spray Dispenser

I didn’t know electrified door handles was a thing! Sounds like something I’d forget to turn off, and would pay the price for later.

Sadhikov, by the way, has interesting range for a transportation designer: He’s currently a Senior Designer for Hyundai’s Genesis brand at their design studio in Frankfurt.

Source: core77

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