Ridiculous Window Shutters

I once lived in a house that had real, functional window shutters, and those things were cool, but heavy! Homes built more recently mostly use shutters as decoration only. The problem is that some people have forgotten what shutters were originally for, and how they worked. Scott Sidler is a historic preservation contractor, so he knows real from fake. He’s seen so many poorly-thought-out shutters that he started using the Instagram hashtag #ShudderSunday to draw attention to them.

There are examples of shutters that aren’t the right size, aren’t in the right place, and would never work if anyone ever tried to cover a window with them. See a ranked gallery of Sidler’s worst shutter finds at Bored Panda.  Also check out his pictures of not only shutter failures, but also of lovely preservationist renovations at Sidler’s Instagram.

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Source: neatorama

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